MMA 2022 Celebrations & AGM Report

Dear MMA friends,

Thank you all for the generous support and participation in making this year’s Annual event a grant success. It was 3 years of waiting since the earlier one in July 2019 and the 40th MMA celebrations since it officially commended in Hull in 1982. The beacon is carried on by a bunch of dedicated and sincere teams all these years and we are all extremely grateful and proud of all of them.  We should be glad it is going smoothly in a well organised and co-ordinated manner. We found some time in our busy working schedule to make this year’s weekend a success to the best we can. We felt this was one of the best MMA annual events. We want to hear from you and also your feedback, both positive and not so positives as well.

As I understand around 20 people couldn’t make it due to Covid related reasons after having booked for the event. Below is a brief summary from the weekend of enjoyment and thorough relaxation and fun. We had an excellent participation this year a record attendance on Friday of 145. Saturday we had about 245 people.

Friday we had melodious songs from Binoy, Rex and Delsy and the live band “GBR The Medics” from Dr Rajan Joseph, Dr Gibu Koshy and Dr Binoy Skaria was well received by all and a great surprise. The young talents Adriel aged 12 and Aezel 10 entertained with their beautiful show on drums, guitar and piano and singing talents.

Saturday was started with Hatha Yoga session from Susan Abraham enjoyed by many and this was followed by Tai-chi introduction by Dr Abraham Kurian.

We had very relaxing but competitive and wonderful sports activities for young, ladies and men separately with lots of enthusiasm in participation and this ended in the most biggest event of “Tug of war” for children, then ladies and men. Prizes were distributed for the winners, runner ups and bronze medallists. Dr Paulson organised with Dr Paul Peter and the rest. The lunch was served at the hotel grounds soon after games and sports.

The CME was well attended, talk given by Dr Salim Shafeek Consultant Haemato-oncologist, West Midlands on “Cancer Diagnosis & management – Yesterday/Today/Tomorrow” generating a wide variety of discussions at the end moderated and chaired by Dr Sunil Skaria, Consultant Oncologist Chelmsford.

Dr Pappachan Joseph, Consultant Endocrinologist from Preston gave a brief introduction on his Endocrinology book just published taking us through the contents and authors and it’s scope.

AGM Minutes

  1. AGM elected new office bearers as follows:-

New President – Dr Jayan Mannath
New Secretary – Dr Achuthan Sajayan
New Vice President – Dr Antony Thomas Vachaparambil
New Treasurer – Dr Biju Kuriakose

  1. Dr Sajayan proposed more representation of female members in the committee which is welcomed and passed by the AGM. There will be more appointments in the future to accommodate this relevant request after discussing with those lady members willing to take up these posts.
  2. Dr V T V Jose discussed about the idea of having retirement homes for MMA members and proposed a committee who are interested and like-minded and to discuss it in the future. This does not necessarily be linked to MMA-UK instead can be an independent team. This idea was supported and welcomed by majority of the AGM and concluded that it’s food for thought.
  3. We will form a Faculty of MMA who is willing to talk to patients and relatives in Kerala with terminal illnesses including cancers. The idea was proposed by Dr John Mathews (Bose) who took us through his personal experiences and has been supported fully by AGM.
  4. We briefly talked about the venue for next year. The consensus opinion was that Mercure Court Hotel Daventry has so many plus points and therefore shall stick to the same. But other options can be tried with better deal and appropriate facilities.
  5. We talked about having a mega get-together some time in the future with those medical colleges willing to join. This has been tried twice with not much success, but can be considered with discussing with office bearers of other institutions.
  6. All agreed that we need the annual event as a two day event as we are having for many years, starting Friday evening and through whole Saturday into Sunday morning.
  7. We felt one CME would be adequate to give enough time for discussions and to accommodate enough time for AGM and getting ready for the evening main event.
  8. Treasurer Dr Paulson presented the report of the Treasurer with income and expenditure leading up to April 2022. This was passed by the AGM.
  9. A brief discussion has taken place for considering an appropriate time of the year for the MMA annual event to attract more people. This matter will be taken up by Executive committee. Meanwhile it will be for July each year for the time being.
  10. AGM also welcomed mentors for those new Malayali Doctors arriving in UK looking for jobs and those applying for PLAB examination and needing clinical attachments.
  11. MMA would like to organise a Bus trip (UK or Europe – a 4 day Scotland trip has been suggested for while) and a Cruise as well in 2023.

Those who couldn’t make it this time to this year celebrations please feel free to raise your suggestions and opinions and of course your guidance as well and we would really appreciate that.

The grand finale started off with Presidential address. All members who departed from us in the last 3 years have been remembered and also all stood up for a moment of silence as well as a mark of respect and love. The lighting the candle was done by all past presidents and Secretaries. This was followed by the excellent and awesome singing by G Venugopal, Aravind Venugopal and Delsy Ninan. The compering was effortlessly and elegantly done by Dr Vimala Sebastian Resmiprakash Rajesh. The excellent dancing treat was provided by Amrita Jayakrishnan and her Team Mayaloka. We are grateful to Ajith Kartha and Binoy Skaria for their beautiful contribution as well. We ended the weekend with spending at least continuous 2 hours  on the dance floor and DJs Rex, Jojo and Summy made sure we are very well entertained with the best DJ songs and quality sound system. Vote of thanks was given by Secretary. We are ever so grateful to all artists, the catering by Mattanchery, the Hotel staff, the DJs and the executive committee members.

More than anything your presence made it a BIG and grand success, SO THANK YOU and shall see you all in 2023 in big numbers and more exciting programs.