Malayali Medical Association is the oldest and largest association of Doctors and Dentist of Malayali origin of its type in UK. All members are treated equally, and they can be from any medical or dental college, and they can be of any cast or creed or religion. They should give all the information about them when they apply for the membership, and when they are accepted, they should pay their annual membership fees.

In 1980 two Malayalee doctors working as General practitioners in UK died suddenly –Dr Thomas from Leeds following a road traffic accident and Dr Rajan from London due to heart attack. Their deaths shocked and distressed all Malayalee doctors in UK. To discuss this Drs Nicholas Alexander, Aziz Mather and M.S. Alexander met in Hull. They became acutely aware of the fact that there was no central organisation for Malayalee doctors in UK, and they were living all over UK. They decided to create a data base for Malayalee doctors and contacted as many as possible. Dr Nicholas wrote a brief note to Malayalee doctors through BMJ. Many responded to it. They took a decision to hold an informal preliminary meeting in Hull in 1981; and it was very well attended. They formed a small organising committee to prepare a constitution and decided to hold a formal meeting in September 1982 in Leeds. All the doctors in the data base was invited and most of them came. During this meeting it was decided to name the organisation as “Malayalee Medical Association UK”. They approved the constitution and formed the first formal committee and elected Dr O.R.Timothy from Leeds as the first President. Thus the MMA that was conceived in 1981 in Hull was born in Leeds on 19th September, 1982.

 The Committee of MMA met regularly, and year after year they organised an annual meeting up to this time. The term of office of the President and Committee members were normally for one year. These meetings were very well attended and members used it to meet their social, cultural, educational needs. In one meeting in Barking over 450 delegates attended. On few occasions the High Commissioners of India came as chief guests, and our officers had good links with the Office of the High Commissioners in London, Birmingham and Edinburgh. We maintained good relationship with the Principals and teaching staff of Medical Colleges in Kerala.

While MMA was flourishing, a number of new associations of Malayalee doctors with a limited agenda emerged in UK, and it had an adverse effect on the growth of MMA for a short time. As time move forward, these fringe organisations are fading in the sun set. Doctors now realise that united we stand, but divided we fall, and they do not have time to belong to many Malayalee doctors associations at the same time. There is an appeal to all Malayalee doctors and dentists to join MMA, support MMA, reap the rewards of the membership of MMA as it is rather than reinventing the wheels again.

DR M.S. Alexander, Consultant Psychiatrist, Leeds.

01 February, 2021

Founder Member and Organising Secretary of MMA 1981-1982