NHS England says all practice staff should be made aware of the standard operating procedure, the latest case definitions and guidance on patients at most risk of severe illness as a result of COVID-19, including those advised to shield themselves and other at-risk groups.

The latest operating procedure says that staff, including home visiting staff, should be allocated to either patients with symptoms of COVID-19, or other groups of patients, where possible. Any urgent updates to practices will be provided by the central alerting system (CAS), so practices should ensure the MHRA has an up to date email address that is regularly checked by staff.

 Practices should ensure patients have clear information on how to access primary care services and are confident about making appointments (virtual or if appropriate, face-to-face) for current concerns. They should also complete work on implementing digital and video consultations.

Practices are expected to deliver as much routine and preventive work as can be provided safely including vaccinations and screening.