President’s Message

This is the spirit of the Malayali Medical Association (MMA) in the UK and perhaps the main reason we are all members of this distinguished organisation. It is indeed a great honour to be in the league of past presidents and office bearers for whom I hold deep affection and respect for their hard work and effort in developing MMA to its present stature.

Thirty two years ago, MMA was born out of the desire to keep the Malayali tradition and culture alive in the hearts of the scattered Malayali doctors across the UK. From its humble beginning, MMA has grown by leaps and bounds to establish itself as the respectable and effective body as it is today. More than just being a portal for social reunions, MMA has always emphasised its commitment to the education, welfare and culture of Malayali doctors in the UK. MMA continues to grow as the only organisation in the UK where all Malayali doctors can unite under one umbrella, free of any allegiance to alma mate, region or religion. MMA also acknowledges and respects all other medical associations from Kerala and strongly believes that working closely with all associations is a vital need of the moment. MMA values the need for keeping our Malayali values and traditions alive amongst youngsters, newcomers and more importantly, our next generation in the UK. MMA is also proud to be the only association to implement a mentorship programme a few years ago when new Malayali doctors coming to the UK were finding it difficult to settle into new jobs in a new country with a different culture. The strength of any association is its members and the strength of each member is the association. We encourage new members to our organisation. Together and stronger, we can do so much more.

Dr Job Cyriac

We wish and welcome all the young doctors & dentists with Malayali roots to be a part of the association!